1 June 2000

Fonts for Greek and Hebrew

Greek & Hebrew on computers
The Macintosh was the first computer to make Greek and Hebrew easy on computer. So a lot of Biblical Studies is done on Macs, but that is changing. The PC is just as easy to use now, and everything you need is available for free.

Free Fonts for Mac and Windows
Details and links to sources of free fonts and font utilities are on the Tyndale site at:
Some of these systems are tricky to set up (especially on the PC), so I have put together an easy-to-use kit with clear instructions:

Free Hebrew and Greek Font kit for Windows
This kit includes the Scholars Press fonts (both Mac and PC), which can be freely used and sent with your work to publishers or editors. It also includes the Keyboard program "RTL". I have created keyboard files for this program which make it easy to write accented Greek and pointed Hebrew, and macros to make it easy to switch between Greek, Hebrew and English in Word. These are all packaged together with instructions.
You can download the Tyndale kit from:

Update on Sept.2001
Unfortunately the RTL program mentioned above does not work with Word 2000, so if you want to touch-type accented Hebrew, stick with Word 97 for the time.

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