1 May 2004

Images for Powerpoint lectures and sermons

Whether you stand before a conference, a class or a congregation,
they all expect you to illustrate your talk with relevant pictures.
The following are good sources for illustrating Biblical Studies.
They are not easy to categorise, and many sites are not easy to
search so, as with all galleries, you have to spend time browsing.

1) Start here first - the quickest sources of images
2) Primarily art - paintings, woodcuts etc, mainly Bible stories
3) Primarily geography - photos of Palestine and maps
4) Primarily history - vases, architecture, and archaeology
5) Primarily worship - devotional and lectionary themes

1) Start here first - the quickest sources of images
Google Image search - http://images.google.com/advanced_image_search
- 800,000,000 images, and very fast, though lots of dross
- remember: images less than 300 pixels wide won't enlarge well
AltaVista - http://www.altavista.com/image/
- slightly better class of pictures? A matter of taste.
Lycos Multimedia - http://multimedia.lycos.com/
- the original, which Google copied and bettered
- a good source for professional images you can licence
Bible Picture Gallery - http://www.biblepicturegallery.com/
- almost everything you need, and well classified (by yours truly)
- Tyndale Tech readers have a 50% discount (£7 for life membership)
Just paste "507042475" in the voucher box, before the end of July.

2) Primarily art - paintings, woodcuts etc, mainly Bible stories
Web Gallery of Art.
10,000 pictures, mainly European art
BIBLE Art Gallery
Classical & modern pictures organized by Bible books.
Carol Gerten-Jackson Fine Art Page.
A general site indexed but with rudimentary word search
Ecole Initiative Index of Images - Bible & Hagiography
Images from biblical times to about 1500 CE, indexed by subject
ENTER (Electronic New Testament Educational Resources)
Pictures by Doré and others, especially re John & Revelation

3) Primarily geography - photos of Palestine and maps
Historic Jesus - Maps
17 maps of the life & times of Jesus, varying quality
Conflict and Community in the Corinthian Church
10 maps relating to the life of Paul
Old Testament Maps
Satellite views and simple line maps
Holy Land Photos
Organised by geographical location
Samples from CDs of 1000s of photos of the Holy Land
NT Gateway for maps
A valuable list of other selected links

4) Primarily history - vases, architecture, archaeology
ATLA & CDRI collection
Mainly woodcuts & ancient coins
ArtServe: Art & Architecture mainly from the Mediterranean
130,000 images from museums around the world, but difficult to search
Images at Perseus
57,000 images of ancient Greece and Rome. Use searchbox at end of page.
Getty Museum 19th C Photographs of Ancient Greece
A valuable collection, though not as many images as I'd expect
Archaeological Sites in Israel
Many photographs with intelligent commentary on various Iron Age sites.
Incorporated Church Building Society (ICBS)
13,000 plans and architectural drawings of British church buildings

5) Primarily worship - devotional, lectionary themes
Art Index on The Text This Week
Well indexed, by subject, Bible text and linked to lectionaries
Christ-Centered Mall
Modern artists showing their work for sale. By subject

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