1 October 2003

Full-Text bibliography and journals on the web

Does it take you too long to find books and articles?
You can quickly build up a bibliography from web catalogues,
but finding the books and journals often takes longer than
reading them. Many books and journals are on the web.
I have listed the the best places to find them.
The most important news is that TynCat (the Tyndale Catalogue)
will point you to a free full-text source when available, and
will search libraries and bookshops around the world for you.
Go to http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk:591/SearchTC.htm

1) Finding Bibliography of books and articles
2) Full-text articles via the web - for payment or subscription
3) Full-text articles via the web - for free
4) a new web search tool expertly tuned to biblical studies

1) Finding Bibliography of books and articles
This has already been dealt with in a previous Tyndale Tech
email - see: http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/Tyndale/TTech.htm
Also see: http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/Tyndale/links_books.htm

Recently I have discovered an important new sources:
RedLightGreen booksearch tool:
Finds and sorts books on subjects you ask for, and helps you find them.
Subito - catalogue of academic journals in German universities
Searching is free though articles are charged
For legal reasons it is currently restricted to German speaking countries

Some databases of specialist areas:
GNOMON Classics articles from 1997:
A cut-down version of their CD, concentrating on titles from recent years.
AIGYPTOS - A database for Egyptological publications:
Includes a one-stop search of other bibliographies at the bottom of the page.
RAMBI - Index of Articles on Jewish Studies:
Includes a very useful subject browsing, in Hebrew and English.
L'Année philologique:
A subject-classified database of books and articles in the area of Classical Studies .
There are other good subscription sites - for Cambridge links see

2) Full-text articles via the web - for payment
Remember: many paid services are subscribed to by universities.
British Library Document Supply Centre (BLDSC):
- titles and subjects from 20,000 journals - by subscription
Universities have access to this through ZETOC at
Cambridge access information at
PERI gives free BLDSC searching for Developing countries
and they can order articles for £5
Subito is for German speaking countries but is spreading:
- students get articles by email for 4Euro
- This is a very valuable set of journals because it includes everything taken at Tubingen. BUT for legal reasons they don't accept registrations from outside German-speaking countries. Hopefully this will change. Keep an eye on it.

3) Full-text articles via the web - for free
OUP gives developing countries free or cheap access to their journals.
Other publishers may follow.
Cambridge University gives access to 2000 journals (plus more in Chinese)
- most of these are in the sciences (perhaps they have something to teach us).
- most are Cambridge-only access, but many are unrestricted access.
Theology Journals and articles available online are listed at:
http://www.bsw.org/ejournals.php (journals)
http://www.bsw.org/scripture/ (other articles on the web)
Religion-Online has a growing number of chapters and whole books

4) a new web search tool expertly tuned to biblical studies
Teologiportalen - a search engine for theology (also in English)
- uses experts to refine searches from Google and get useful results
- intelligently extracts treasure out of the rubbish on the web
They are looking for more experts to contribute, so get involved.
Email Henrik Laursen <hhl@kb.dk> who will send you an ID & password
so that you can add your list of favourite sites for them to search.
The more scholars who get involved, the more useful this becomes.

You probably first heard about Google from Tyndale Tech
(I told you about it way back in March 2000, when it was
relatively unknown). Have you heard about Froogle yet?
It has been tested for 2 years now, and is the next BIG thing.
Try it out at http://www.froogle.com/ - only works for USA so far.

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